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Xinwei people's weekend

Author:admin Release date: 2019-6-11 10:58:12 share

March 10, 2019 is a sunny Sunday. The first sunny day from the Spring Festival to the present is coming to yichang, which is the best choice for outdoor sports. 

But xinwei people have made another choice -- to work overtime for nothing but to allow customers to use our cars in advance.On the morning of March 10th, the sales department of xinwei sent 10 cars to a large scenic spot in changsha, hunan province. This is the second time for the customer to purchase the cars of xinwei. On the basis of the first purchase, three 8-seat sightseeing cars, two 11-seat sightseeing cars and five 4-seat closed patrol cars were added.The customer's choice is the affirmation of xinwei products and the recognition of xinwei company.Xinwei company will not live up to the expectations and trust of every customer. 

The sunshine in spring is full of warmth and vigor. Under the care of the sunshine, every xinwei person is smiling, because they know that xinwei company will be like the sunshine in spring, making steady progress and thriving. 

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