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Yichang xinwei new energy vehicle manufacturing co. LTD

Service hotline:0717-4201688   Fax:0717-4226660 

Web site: www.ycxwev.cn 

Address: middle section of 4th fairy road, fairy development zone, zhijiang city, yichang city, hubei province

Jingzhou xinwei electric vehicle co. LTD

Service hotline: 0716-8303666 

Web site: www.jzxwev.com 

Address: taqiao road, shashi district, jingzhou city, hubei province

Shaanxi xinwei new energy vehicle co. LTD

Service hotline: 19916321891      19916321821 


Beishangzhao Village (Southest corner of the cross), National Highway 312,Qindu District, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province

After-sales call:13343506788

Direct selling business contact: GM Fang  18972376188 

Clients from five northwest provinces please contact:GM Zhu 18995853188 

Other regional dealers please contact:GM Wang 13310583688