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Three Gorges Daily interview with WEIPing, chairman of Yichang Xinwei New Energy Co., LTD

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Three Gorges Daily interview with WEIPing, chairman of Yichang Xinwei New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Co., LTD

Return to the hometown, my career soared.

------I visited WEIPing , chairman of Yichang Xinwei New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Co., LTD

"Zhijiang is a good place to invest here."Zhijiang city in the image of the promotional video, Yichang Xinwei New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Co., LTD.From Guangzhou to Suzhou to Jingzhou, he finally settled the corporate headquarters in Zhijiang.He said, went home, for his personal and business, have a good home.

Zhijiang's good ecological environment, superior geographical location, meticulous service, strong policy support, let WEI Ping's cause with wings.From February 28, 2017, when the new factory in Zhijiang city's fairy industrial park was started, to January 12, 2018, the first batch of special vehicles rolled off the production line, it only took 11 months to create the "Shenzhen speed" of Zhijiang project construction.From January 2018 to the end of 2018, the production capacity increased by 50%, and the annual production and sales of more than 1,200 new energy vehicles;In the first quarter of this year, more than 360 sets have been produced, with a year-on-year increase of 100%.By 2020, the first three-year plan will be completed, with an annual capacity of 5,000 units and an output value of 300 million yuan.

New energy vehicle assembly workshopProvided by Xinwei Company

"On the one hand, we need to strengthen research and development, improve quality and production capacity.On the other hand, we should actively explore domestic and foreign markets, so that Xinwei New Energy Vehicles to the country to the world.

WEI Ping, a native of fairy village, Zhijiang fairy town, is the chairman of Xinwei New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Co., LTD.In 2010, WEI Ping founded Jingzhou Xinwei Electric Vehicle Co., LTD.In the past 8 years, the company has achieved rapid development. It has successively obtained the special equipment manufacturing license and environmental protection machinery inspection certificate of the People's Republic of China, and the production qualification of 23 electric sightseeing vehicles and 12 tons electric porters in China.

In 2016, due to Zhijiang's superior geographical location, favorable investment environment that emphasizes business and favors business, high-quality and efficient supporting services, and the lingering homesickness, WEI Ping finally returned home to start his own business.He formally signed an investment agreement with the Zhijiang municipal government on November 24, and invested 600 million yuan to launch the first batch of 10 new energy special vehicles of Xinwei New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Co., LTD., which rolled off the production line in Zhijiang city's fairy industrial park.This batch of new energy special vehicles include open-top sightseeing cars, closed sightseeing cars, electric patrol cars, electric fire trucks, electric porters and other series.The rolling out of Xinwei New Energy Vehicle marks that the lithium battery industry chain of Zhijiang new energy electric vehicle has formed a closed loop from lithium battery materials to terminal products, which will promote the high-quality development of Zhijiang county's economy.

Seize the opportunity, new energy vehicles usher in the wind.

April 2, Xinwei company in more than 13,000 square meters of final assembly workshop, more than 100 vehicles distributed in the site assembly, interior and exterior decoration and electrical assembly, testing, finished product assembly and other four production lines, more than 100 workers shuttle among them, in good order.Hundreds of new energy special vehicles are waiting for inspection, including open-top sightseeing vehicles, closed sightseeing vehicles, electric patrol vehicles, electric fire trucks, electric porters and other series.Outside the factory, vehicles bound for Qinhuangdao and Xinjiang are being loaded.

WEIPing guides technicians to complete vehicle assembly.

Orders are hot, in March, we have produced more than 160, by may, there will be more than 500 cars off the line, WEI Ping pointed to a part of completed electric vehicles, these electric vehicles according to the regulations and models, the price of more than 30,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan.In the workshop, a new energy mobile hotel car is parked, and all living facilities are available.We developed this at the end of last year and it's not yet on the market.WEI Ping said proudly.

According to the introduction, Xinwei New Energy Vehicle project total investment of 600 million yuan, mainly including new energy electric vehicle research and development, production and sales, production capacity ranks among the top 5 in the country, market potential.The first phase of the project has an investment of 300 million yuan and a construction area of 20,000 square meters. In addition to the final assembly workshop, there is also a welding workshop, a painting workshop and an exhibition hall.

"The workshop is no longer able to meet production needs."To expand capacity, the company opened stamping, component workshops and temporary warehouses in March, investing more than 50 million yuan in plant and equipment, WEI Ping said.After the project is fully put into production, the workshop area will be increased to 30,000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 5,000 units.

In order to get twice the result with half the effort, the field of domestic new energy vehicles is in the tuyere."Between now and 2030 is the key period of traditional auto industry transformation, new energy vehicles will usher in explosive development", wei said, from the perspective of technology and environment, phasing out production and sales of traditional fuel vehicle is inevitable road, by 2030, the ratio of new energy vehicles on the market to fuel cars will be used, a bright prospect in industry.Looking around the country, most of the buses have been upgraded, the special vehicle field is the world of new energy vehicles, the field of vehicle has also had a certain market share.

"Invisible champion" in the field of science and technology.

"To be engaged in the automobile industry is fate and fate."'when I was a college student in wuhan in 1982, the domestic auto industry was far smaller than it is today,' WEI Ping said.Later, he went to zhongnan university of finance and economics to study finance. In 2000, he went to zhongshan university to study business administration.Through hard study, he became a senior engineer and a certified public accountant, and his study of business administration laid a solid foundation for his future entrepreneurship.

In 2010, WEI Ping set up Jingzhou Xinwei Electric Vehicle Co., LTD., with a start-up capital of only several hundred thousand yuan.Due to limited funds, the company initially took the asset-light route, not too much investment in plant equipment, mainly for research and development and assembly.

"Look, this is our patent certificate." WEI Ping handed the reporter a patent certificate for the invention of a large electric train chassis with two Bridges and two drives."Don't underestimate this patent," he said. "with it, we have captured 90 percent of the market segments of large amusement park parade floats in China and established partnerships with wanda group, Shanghai haichang sea world and Beijing garden expo."

So far, the company has owned 7 patents, in addition to the invention patent, there is a design patent and 5 utility patents.With the improvement of China's intellectual property rights protection policy, these patents have become the most powerful weapon."By the end of this year, we will have more than 20 patents."WEI Ping said.With painstaking research and innovation, Xinwei has maintained a leading position in the field of high-end sightseeing vehicles in China, and WEI Ping has also become one of the drafters of national industrial standards for electric fire engines and patrol vehicles.

On the blackboard of the company meeting is a record of a project that will participate in the bidding. The main body of the project is the top research institutes in China."This is the starting point for us to replace imported products and enter national scientific research institutions," WEI Ping said, pointing to the blackboard with words such as remote control, sensing, driverless driving and fast charging.

Return, home to help the cause of take-off

WEI Ping and his colleagues analyzed the company's production situation in the first quarter.

For the wanderer, hometown is forever concerned.Although wei ping was born in the field, but the ancestral home in zhijiang, generations of family life in the fairy town.He told reporters, "when the town of taishun business is our house opened."

The home town that heart yearned for, became the complex that cannot be solved in dangerous calm heart, and home town people also is looking forward to his return.

As the east gate of Yichang, the first square of county economy in the city, the development of modern automobile industry has always been a dream of Zhijiang city.As early as 2014, the local government has started supporting work of land circulation, road hardening, greening and lighting in fairy industrial park, and has been actively contacting enterprises that are suitable for future industrial direction and green development concept to settle in.When I learned that WEI Ping was engaged in the production and manufacture of new energy vehicles, Zhijiang city organized special classes and communicated with him for many times.WEI Ping was deeply moved by the warm invitation from his hometown and finally settled Zhijiang.

From the end of February 2017 to January 2018, Xinwei company completed the whole process of project approval, procedure handling and start-up production within one year, and its current production scale ranks the first in Hubei province.

"I solemnly promise to the entrepreneurs in the name of 'chief service officer of Zhijiang' that you only need to focus on r&d, production and operation when you invest in Zhijiang. Please leave other matters to us."This is the commitment made by Liu FengLei, the party secretary of Zhijiang, to foreign entrepreneurs.

We are the second one in the shop, "said the person in charge of the management office of fairy industrial park. They insist on front-line office work, go deep into the enterprise to understand the actual needs, and help to handle the relevant procedures such as industrial and commercial, tax, planning permission and construction permit, so as to help the enterprise to carry out the work lightly.Efficient service and complete set has become a magic weapon to attract investment.

WEI Ping said, "the favorable geographical location, favorable investment environment that favors business, high-quality and efficient supporting services, and my lingering homesickness prompted me to eventually return to Zhijiang to start my own business."

Xinwei company's development has been highly valued by Zhijiang municipal party committee and government.The main leaders of Zhijiang city visit the factory every once in a while.In addition to funding, it also helped the company recruit nearly 200 Zhijiang employees.After training, they are already on the job.

In November 2018, Zhijiang city introduced the measures to promote the development of private economy in article 30 policy, to further promote "the pipes" reform, cultivating growing your financing for private enterprises, ease the financing difficulties, reduce the enterprise production and operation costs, promote enterprise technological innovation made specific deployment, this makes the dangerous level more determined the development of the information.Let enterprises enter, stay, develop well, is the principle of Zhijiang city investment, "pragmatic, efficient, strong execution", is WEI Ping's fair evaluation of government services.

Dream world, the layout of the country to extend overseas

In WEI Ping's office, there is a big map of China.The little red flag above marked the pace of Xinwei company into the country.With Zhijiang as its headquarters and production base, the company accelerates the construction of sales outlets in Beijing, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi 'an, Shenyang, Xinjiang, Nanning and other places.

"The sales point of Beijing focuses on the Beijing-Tianjin wing, the sales point of Xi 'an radiates Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai, the sales point of Chengdu is responsible for the Yangtze river delta, and the sales point of Shenyang is responsible for the northeast..."Pointing to the map of a small red flag, one by one WEI Ping explain.Speaking of Nanning, Guangxi, he said it was a "bridgehead" for southeast Asia.At present, the company has completed the layout within a radius of 600 kilometers of its headquarters, and beyond 600 kilometers are mainly sales outlets and display stores.In the near future, the company will be established in all provincial capitals of the country.

Interview, the reporter met the dealer Shen YongXian that comes from area of Beijing tianjin wing.He said, came to Zhijiang field inspection Xinwei company's production workshop, let a person shine.No matter from the scale, the degree of specialization, or from the cleanliness and other aspects, this factory is in the forefront of the domestic.Doing so in a year is an industry miracle.

A hero and three gang, see Xinwei company in Zhijiang development smoothly, supporting enterprises come in succession, "1+1>2" synergetic effect first apparent.

"Vehicle enterprises are the core of the industry."WEI Ping said, the car production is "delivery mode", a vehicle enterprise settled, the relevant parts enterprises, interior and exterior decoration enterprises, warehousing and logistics enterprises will follow, in addition to save logistics costs, but also can supply at any time for the enterprise, the value of leverage ratio is 1:3.At present, the company is in negotiations with several upstream manufacturers of firmware and vehicle shell.They all showed great interest in Zhijiang.

"Do business if only to gaze at the existing products and market, do not necessarily, if only to gaze at the cost and output value of it is destined to do not strong", WEI Ping said, 

Under the good developing environment of Zhijiang City, our company’s research ability is growing and sales is expanding rapidly. We have the confidence to achieve 30 million CNY of sales amount in three years and 60 million CNY in five years. So the dream to lead the global market of new energy vehicles will come true soon.

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