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Hubei electric sightseeing bus notes

Author:admin Release date: 2019-6-11 11:05:39 share

1) check whether the electric quantity is enough, whether the braking performance is good, whether the screws are loose, etc., before driving every day. If there is any fault, repair it in time.

2) charging should be carried out in a place out of the reach of children;

3) turn off the power switch every time you stop the car, pull out the key, pull the gear switch to neutral position, and pull up the handbrake;

4) to repair or replace batteries and electrical appliances, turn off the main power switch before operation;

5) children should pull the key switch when playing in the car, so as not to cause danger;

6) check whether the door of the electric vehicle is closed and tight before driving;

7) in case of fire caused by accident or other reasons, the main power switch shall be immediately turned off.

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