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Hubei electric sightseeing car consists of three parts: electrical system, chassis and body.

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1. Electrical system is divided into two systems according to functions:

(1) power system -- maintenance-free battery, motor, etc. 

(2) control and auxiliary system -- disconnection control, accelerator, switch, wire harness, charger, etc. 

2. The chassis is divided into four systems according to functions:

(1) transmission system -- clutch, gearbox, universal drive shaft device, drive axle main reducer, differential and half shaft, etc.; 

(2) driving system -- plays the role of bond and load bearing.Mainly including the frame, the bridge, the wheel and the suspension and so on; 

(3) steering system -- including steering wheel, steering machine and transmission rod, etc.; 

(4) braking system -- used for speed control and parking.Including brake and brake control device. 

3. Body -- for the driver and passenger. 

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