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Daily management tips for electric patrol cars

Author:admin Release date: 2019-6-11 10:57:19 share

It is well known that electric patrol car has become a common equipment in the work of safety inspection in our country. Professional electric patrol car will also be used in the management of public management or community environment.Although the electric patrol car makes you feel relieved and relieved, in order to lay a solid foundation for the safe operation of the electric patrol car and ensure the economic and efficient operation of the patrol car, the majority of users should do a good job in its maintenance and operation management.So what are the key points of daily management of electric patrol vehicles? 

1. Maintenance management

Maintenance and overhaul of electric patrol vehicles is an important means to effectively eliminate safety hazards, prevent accidents and extend the service life of equipment.In order to ensure that electric patrol vehicles play a better role, it is necessary to regularly organize special personnel to carry out vehicle safety inspection, identify problems and promptly identify rectification measures to eliminate potential safety hazards.In combination with the characteristics of patrol vehicles, it USES the adaptive power supply in line with the charging requirements, carries out charging and discharging strictly in accordance with the charging requirements, and adds distilled water to the battery in a timely manner, so as to prevent overload and over-limit use of vehicles and effectively ensure the efficient and economic operation of electric patrol vehicles. 

2. Management of operation skills

In view of the characteristics of high frequency of use of electric patrol vehicles and frequent battery charging, the electric patrol vehicles can be used one at a time and one at a time and one at a time, and the fast charging of electric patrol vehicles can be changed to slow charging to fully ensure the battery charging time.In order to increase the service life of the battery when it is close to the waste reporting period, salt and alkali solution can be added to a certain proportion to extend the battery life. 

From the above point of view, only by adopting appropriate methods for maintenance and maintenance, can the effectiveness of this electric patrol car be truly brought into play, and various scientific and reasonable management methods can be adopted to make this electric patrol car high-quality, trustworthy and more stable and trustworthy.Only by ensuring that customers can carefully handle it from all angles, can the application quality of this electric patrol car be improved, and bring better experience for customers' electric patrol car 

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